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Fish Transportation Bucket

Fish Transportation Bucket

On June 23, 2019, a landslide now known as the Big Bar landslide was reported the Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). This landslide, located 64kms north of Lillooet, BC, blocked the seasonal northward migration of Fraser salmon.  In August 2019, to assist the migration of the salmon, MG worked with the DFO and onsite personnel to provide the detailed engineering design for the construction of four new fish transportation buckets.

The DFO was interested in not only replacing the existing fish transportation buckets, but also to increase the carrying capacity.  The installation of this system would allow for more fish to be transported around the landslide blockage via helicopter.  To achieve these goals, MG reviewed the carrying capacity of the helicopter and designed the fish buckets each with a 30% capacity increase.

MG’s scope of work included the detailed engineering design of the fish buckets. The work was completed in a critically short time line.