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Project Implementation

MG Engineering provides a range of services to implement their projects from planning stages, through to commissioning and start-up. MG provides project management and field/site engineering services for projects of any size, from small modifications to multi-million dollar capital projects, regular maintenance and major plant turn-arounds.

MG’s clients include plant owners and contractors. MG can also integrate into existing teams to provide support where it is needed most.

Design-Build Partnerships

MG collaborates with Contractors and Owner/Operators to provide engineering services on design-build projects, or similar arrangements. MG has the experience and flexibility to fit in to various roles at all stages of a project. They provide engineering and design work for contractors, and sub-contracts for specialty engineering.

MG offers its expertise and services to complete a project by working with contractors to achieve the project’s engineering and design goals including:

  • Preliminary design and project development
  • Detailed engineering and design work
  • Procurement assistance
  • Construction grade estimating and project cost control
  • On-site engineering support and assistance


Project Management


MG project managers have the experience to coordinate the design, construction, and commissioning phases of large and small projects. MG offers Project Management Services, working either as part of an MG project team or to support a client’s project or project construction directly including:

Project Management:

  • Project justification and payback calculations
  • Funding applications
  • Managing engineering and design tasks
  • Procurement assistance and contract work scope preparation
  • Construction grade estimating and project cost control
  • EPC schedule preparation and monitoring
  • Status reporting

Example Projects

Site Management


MG is experienced in Site Construction Management and Commissioning Management. Their project managers have the experience to coordinate the construction and commissioning phases of large and small projects.

MG offers Construction and Commissioning Management and Management Assistance Services, working either as part of an MG project team or to support a client’s project or project construction directly including:

Site Construction Management:

  • Contracting strategies
  • Construction cost control
  • Construction planning and scheduling
  • Progress reporting/Schedule monitoring
  • Construction site safety inspections
  • Contractor interface and coordination
  • Contractor claim reviews
  • Construction deficiency lists

Project Commissioning Management:

  • Commissioning planning and scheduling
  • Pre-commissioning system reviews and inspections
  • Control system checkouts

Example Projects

Engineering Support


MG has personnel who have experience providing departmental engineering support to assist capital projects and maintenance/plant-wide shutdowns.

MG offers engineers, technologists and designers to support a client’s Operations, Maintenance or Engineering Departments. This includes:


  • On-site assistance supported by MG’s engineering office
  • Civil/Structural, Mechanical/Piping, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation, Estimating, Project and Construction Management, Regulatory Compliance, Asset Management

Capital Projects:

  • Concept review/estimates
  • Justification/payback calculations
  • Preparation of “Expenditure Request” documentation
  • Engineering drawings
  • Contract scope of work packages
  • Equipment/vendor package specifications
  • Procurement assistance
  • Contractor interface
  • Schedules

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Annual, monthly and long-range shutdown planning/
  • Maintenance work packages/scopes of work
  • Emergency action – response to breakdowns
  • Tender packages/comparisons/purchase requisitions
  • Spare parts inventory/orders and upkeep of client records
  • Process audits, troubleshooting and upkeep of client drawings (P&Cs/P&IDs)
  • On-site coordination of client and contractor tradespeople

Example Projects

Shutdown Planning and Supervision


MG offers the services of shutdown assistance personnel.  Shutdown assistance personnel provide support to management, operations, and maintenance and engineering/technical staff to help organize and conduct planned mill shutdowns.

Support generally includes: planning for the shutdown, procurement assistance, and supervision during the shutdown.

MG personnel have experience identifying and developing solutions for repetitive and critical equipment failures. MG has trained Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) facilitators who have led groups of tradespeople and operators through RCM sessions to develop the most effective maintenance inspection on equipment.

Specific plant support capabilities of MG’s shutdown assistance personnel include:

Shutdown Planning:

  • Preparation and submission of internal documentation as required to define and secure shutdown funding
  • Establishment of work packages including individual scopes of work, budgets and schedules

Procurement Assistance:

  • Preparation and issue of Request for Quotations or tender packages for labour contracts
  • Evaluation and comparisons of quotations and contractor proposals
  • Review of equipment, parts and material requirements, often working within the mill inventory system to confirm the availability of spares. Preparation of purchase requisitions to suit
  • Arrangement of service contracts, such as NDT services, scaffolding, vacuum trucks, pressure washing and confined space hole watch

Shutdown Participation:

  • Assistance with vessel/pipeline isolation and lockout planning and coordination
  • Coordination with contractors to ensure safety indoctrinations are conducted and fire watch policies understood
  • Coordination between plant operations and contractors
  • Monitoring contractor progress and quality
  • Troubleshooting

MG shutdown assistance personnel have experience with budget development, maintenance coordination, supervision of unionized work forces and commissioning and start-up of new or modified equipment.  They have a solid understanding of project management and engineering requirements.

Example Projects