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Gas Scrubbing and Hypo Handling

Gas Scrubbing and Hypo Handling

MG worked with Chemtrade to provide engineering services for the Chlorine Gas Scrubbing and Sodium Hypochlorite Handling project.

Chemtrade was interested in overhauling their chlorine gas handling and scrubbing system in order to improve process safety, system operation, and reliability. The improvements included a new vacuum system, new piping systems, new storage tanks, pumps, and other mechanical equipment, and well as re-purposing existing tanks, pipelines, and equipment. The upgrades were required to be completed as multiple project parts and were implemented in multiple phases in order to maintain plant operation. MG provided project management, cost estimating, preliminary and detailed engineering, and field engineering.

MG provided preliminary and detailed engineering, as well as project management, cost estimating, and field engineering. MG’s engineering and design scope of work included: P&ID development, mechanical equipment specification, piping design using 3D modeling,and procurement assistance. MG also provided civil and structural engineering for equipment bases, pipe bridges and modifications to existing structures.