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Gibsons, BC  V0N 1V7                    Vancouver, BC  V6E 4G1

Receiving Upgrades

Receiving Upgrades

MG Engineering (MG) worked with LNS Services and Viterra – Pacific Terminal to provide primarily Civil / Structural design services for Viterra’s Receiving Upgrades Project. The project included the installation of new Hi-Roller conveyors and upgraded bucket elevators, as well as an all new Dust Collection System.

Viterra’s main goal was to increase the speed at which they can unload railcars.

New Hi-Roller conveyor were installed below the existing rail tracks utilizing 100 year old concrete hoppers. Trimming the hoppers down so as to accept new “ladder gate” dischargers was a challenge due to the age and condition of the hoppers.

The existing ancient steel platforms at the tops of the bucket elevators were removed and replaced with new ones so as to accept new 200 HP shaft mounted drive assemblies. Installation was tricky due to the somewhat variable 100 year old construction and tight space constraints.

The new dust system was constructed as a separate stand-alone facility off to the side of the existing facility. MG provided designs for the entire structure, including foundations, supports for the new dust collecting vessel, and all associated access roads, stairs and walkways.

MG also looked after the required Port Permit application paperwork and acted as the EOR for the job.

The job also included the design of several related access platforms and stairways, including a new set of stairs to the roof of the grain elevators which had to be cantilevered off the side of the building.