Process Studies

Process studies include technical and engineering support to determine the specific areas of improvement to reach our client’s goals. Our personnel are available to preform process studies including:

  Field review of existing operations

  Process troubleshooting

  Production increase studies

  Process design

   Heat and mass balances

  Identification of process bottlenecks

  Process flow diagrams

  Safety and environmental hazard analysis

Conceptual Studies

Conceptual studies include services to determine and evaluate multiple solutions to best achieve the goal of the project. These upper level studies will typically compare the following information between each concept:

·     Health and Safety Impact

·     Environmental Impact

·     Production

·     Capital Cost and efficiency

·     Operations/Product quality

·     Maintenance and reliability

·     Training

It is important to MG that the concepts suggested to our clients are considered best practices in their respective industry.

Estimating Services

MG offers a range of estimating services. Our estimates are tailored to the client’s needs and can range from a summarized list to a comprehensive report that supports the client’s application for project funding.

We have an estimating process that addresses all phases of a project lifecycle including:

·         Order of magnitude Estimate

Accuracy of the estimate will normally be in the range of ±30 to 40%

·         Pre-Feasibility Estimate

Accuracy of the estimate will normally be in the range of ±20 to 25%

·         Appropriation/Feasibility Estimate                  

Accuracy of the estimate will normally be in a range of ± 10% to 15% 

·         Definitive Estimate                                                      

Accuracy of the estimate will normally be in the range of ±5 to 10%

A typical MG estimate includes the following:

·     Description of the project and scope (including process, civil/structural, mechanical/piping, and electrical/instrumentation)

·     Design criteria

·     Detailed direct cost breakdown

·     Itemized list of indirect costs

·     Basis of estimate

·     Drawings (General Arrangements, P&IDs, and layouts)

·     Project lists (equipment, tie-ins, piping, and instrumentation)

·     Implementation plan and schedule

Project Development

  • Process Studies
  • Conceptual/Feasibility Studies
  • Estimating Services

Project Implementation

  • Preliminary and Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management and Scheduling

Site Assistance

  • Engineering Support
  • Maintenance and Reliability Planning
  • Shutdown Planning and Supervision