Ambatovy Ore Slurry Pipeline

Ambatovy Minerals SA
Project Year: 2008

MG acted as a subcontractor to PSI Inc., (Concord, CA.) to provide civil/structural design services for this large 42m x65m pump station in Madagascar.

The project involved the detailed design of foundations for the pre-engineered building (by SNC), foundations for the bank of 10 (including 2 future) slurry pumps, an MCC room with heavy suspended floor in concrete beams, a cable vault, and pipe supports both inside the pump station and outside, adjacent to the station. A total of 101 pipe supports were provided and these included structural steel towers and concrete bases to resist the high slurry loads.

The work included review of the building drawings and suggestions to minimize the uplift load on the foundation. The work also included detailed floor/concrete surface drawings, showing trenches, equipment pads and containment areas.