Albian Oil Sands Tailings Pipeline Sand Stacker

Albian Sands Energy Inc. (Shell Canada)
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Project Year: 2009

MG worked with Pipeline Systems Inc. (Concord, CA) to provide process, mechanical, and civil engineering for a conceptual study on a medium distance (5 km) tailings pipeline and a hydrocyclone system to produce low water content sand suitable for construction of tailings impoundment berms. The study included both the option of a centrally located hydrocyclone station with sand distribution pipelines and on-berm cycloning with movable towers.

The work included: routing of the whole tailings pipeline, sizing of the pipeline, sizing of the pumps/motors, identification of potential locations for the central hydrocyclone station, selection of the cyclones, sizing of the sand pipelines and pumps/motors, and design of the overflow distribution system (pipe, pumps/motors). For the movable towers, the work included: design of the towers (including the relocation method), selection of the hydrocyclones, and the overflow piping design.