Pena Colorada Tailings Pipeline - Phase 1

Consorcio Minero Benito Juarez Peña Colorada S.A. de C.V.
Colima, Mexico
Project Year: 2008-2009

MG worked with Pipeline Systems Inc. (Concord, CA) to provide process, mechanical, civil, electrical, and instrumentation engineering for a medium distance (11 km) iron tailings pipeline. The pipeline will transport the tailings slurry to a new impoundment by gravity.
The work included sizing and material selection for the pipeline (routing by Owner), design of the instrumentation and control system, and by-passing the existing open launder system.

MG also provided the conceptual design for Phase 2 of the project, which was to divert the tailings to a paste thickener and pumping system. The work included: locating the paste plant, confirmation that the feed line can run by gravity to the paste plant, and preliminary design of the paste plant and the paste reticulation system.