Wolverine Crushed Tailings Transfer Pipeline

Western Canada Coal Corp.
Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
Project Year: 2006

MG worked with Pipeline Systems Inc. (Concord, CA) to provide process, and mechanical engineering as well as order of magnitude cost estimating for the conceptual design of a system to hydraulically transfer gravel-sized particles from a coal cleaning plant to a tailings area.
The minus 75 mm waste material from the coal cleaning plant was too coarse for cost effective hydrotransport. The project included a screening/crushing plant to reduce the size to minus 30 mm, a size that has been transported in hydraulic hoisting systems. Crushing is followed by a conventional high velocity slurry pipeline using centrifugal pumps.

The work included: selection of top size for transportation, preliminary selection of a cone crusher for oversized material, selection of pipe size and material, and preliminary pump sizing/selection. The system was to be a surface installion in a cold weather environment, so the design included a frost protection study.