Galore Creek Concentrate Slurry Pipeline

Galore Creek Mining Company (Teck and NovaGold)
Northwest British Columbia
Project Year: 2006-2007

MG worked with Pipeline Systems Inc. (Concord, CA), Hatch (Vancouver, BC) and AMEC (Vancouver, BC) to provide process, mechanical, and civil design as well as cost estimating for the basic engineering of two parallel pipelines in northwest British Columbia. The 135 km slurry pipeline was to transport copper concentrate from mine and concentrator in the Galore valley to a filter plant near the regional highway. The 135 km fuel oil pipeline was to take diesel from near the highway to the mine’s storage tanks (two locations).

The “tank-to-tank” slurry pipeline system included a single piston diaphragm pump station and a choke station. The fuel pipeline system included a truck unloading station, a pump station with storage tank, and pressure reducing and metering stations at the mine site. The pipelines followed unusually difficult route that included a 4+ km tunnel and several hundred water crossings; varying from bridges to simple culvert crossings. The mountainous terrain had various regions of unstable ground and a relatively deep frost line.