Sludge Dewatering Odour Control

Catalyst Paper Corporation
Powell River, British Columbia
Project Year: 2002

The project included process design, budget preparation, detailed engineering, and contract document development. It involved the installation of two tanks, three pumps and the associated piping, valves, and controls. Foundations and equipment bases were also provided.
The pressate tank was an abandoned Kraft mill seal tank. The tank is now used to collect pressate from the three existing sludge presses and deliver it to the biobasin via an old Ahlstrom pump that was also relocated from the Kraft mill area.

The sludge blend tank was the old wet lap stock tank. This tank is now used to collect the sludge from the primary clarifier and from secondary treatment. In the tank the sludge is agitated and aerated using an existing relocated agitator and new coarse bubble diffusers. The sludge is pumped via two more relocated pumps to the screw presses.

The aim of this project was odour reduction and the bypass of the existing deteriorated sludge storage chest.