Starch to No.11 Paper Machine

Catalyst Paper Corporation
Powell River, British Columbia
Project Year: 2007

This project involved installing a new starch pump from the PM 10 Cooked Starch Paste Tank, and a dedicated starch pipeline from the new pump discharge to No. 11 Paper Machine. An existing pump pad from the original starch system project was utilized for the new pump.
The new starch pump is identical to the previous two pumps. The new Waukesha Pump supplied by Hayward Gordon Ltd., matches the two existing starch pumps.

The spare starch pump from the original No. 10 paper machine starch system was used to supply both No. 9 and No. 11 Paper Machines. It was later found that No. 9 PM required more than one addition point so this pump was no longer adequate to also supply No. 11 PM. A new dedicated pump was installed and a dedicated pipeline run to No. 11 PM so no upsets will occur due to inadequate starch delivery.

The project included detailed process design, budget preparation and detailed engineering.