Hydrochloric Acid Loading Facility

Canexus Chemicals Canada LP
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Project Year: 2008

The project involved the installation of an elevated platform with a covered work area and a covered walkway to join up with the existing platform. The top of the railcars is accessed by a loading gangway with hydraulic lift to provide train clearance. The gangway is equipped with large loop handrails that lower over the railcar to provide complete worker protection. Acid loading is enabled with an articulated loading arm.
The containment area under the railcars consists of pre-formed FRP trays, designed to fit to the rails. The area drains to a local sump, which is then pumped across the plant to the main acid sump.

Local and area lighting was designed to provide improved levels of illumination on working platforms as well as access/egress pathways. The new fixtures are constructed of FRP to extend their usable life in the high corrosive environment. The new fixtures are high pressure sodium which provide a 'whiter' light to improve contrast rations in working areas.