TMP Heat Recovery

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper
Port Mellon, British Columbia
Project Year: 2014

HSPP, in Port Mellon BC, produces pulp & paper and generates electricity using steam driven turbines. By reducing the steam demand required for the production of pulp & paper they are able to increase their capacity to generate power. HSPP engaged MG to install two spiral heat exchangers in their TMP plant to recover waste heat produced by the refiners. The spiral heat exchangers are used in parallel to extract heat from the condensate loop on the refiner exhaust scrubber and transfer it to the warm water feed to the Paper Machine. This allows HSPP to significantly reduce the amount of steam required to heat water in this area. The steam saved in this manner (approximately 13 t/h) is used to generate additional electrical power. Project costs were kept to a minimum by utilizing used equipment whenever practical. Both heat exchangers were purchased used, and an existing out-of-service mill pump was re-purposed for use on the project.
 TThe project included:
• Process: P&ID development, flow & heat balances, HAZOP, control narrative for DCS logics and DCS screen layouts.
• Civil / Structural: Floor strengthening, concrete equipment pads and steel pipe racks.
• Mechanical: General arrangement drawing, pump calculations and pump & motor selection.
• Registration: Coordination of BCSA registration of the two used heat exchangers.
• Piping: Pipe design, plan, section & isometric drawings, piping tie-ins and pipe supports and hangers.
• Electrical: New VFD for one pump, HP increase for the other.
• Instrumentation: Selection of instruments, installation details, wiring diagrams.
• Procurement: Assistance with purchase of equipment and scopes of work for M/P & E/I contracts.
• Field: On-site assistance with installation work, project schedule.