HVLC Scrubbing

Pope & Talbot, Inc.
Halsey, Oregon
Project Year: 2005

The project included, budget preparation, detailed process design, detailed engineering, and contract document development. It involved the installation of gas collection duct systems for the oxygen delignification and the brownstock washing and screening areas. The two stage scrubber assembly, the exhaust fan and stack, and all of the associated piping systems were also part of the project.
The scrubber was provided by Turbosonic Inc. Everything else was provided and installed by local suppliers and contractors in central Oregon.

The collected gas is cleaned of any entrained fibre with knock down sprays and then scrubbed with cold water before being exhausted to atmosphere. The collected methanol containing water is sent to the mill's lagoon system via the existing sealed acid sewer.

The goal of the project was to eliminate methanol from selected gas streams at the Halsey Mill in order to satisfy environmental requirements.