Sodium Chlorate Loading Silo Upgrade

ERCO Worldwide
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Project Year: 2015

The ERCO facility in North Vancouver, BC required a new Sodium Chlorate loading silo, blowline pipe supports upgrade and a silo ventilation fan upgrade for their Sodium Chlorate dense phase pneumatic transport system. ERCO engaged MG Engineering to provide a capital cost estimate, and detailed engineering. The scope of work included detailed engineering drawings, a tank data sheet, a size and recommendation for a new ventilation fan, a size and recommendation for a new pressure/vacuum relief valve, and a structural analysis report for the existing silo support structure.

MG modified the design based on detailed measurements of the existing clearances to enable the installation of the silo through the roof of the existing structure. This presented significant savings to the project; the alternative of constructing the silo on site would have been very expensive. Close coordination with vendors ensured that there were no interferences between the silo and the building structure during installation.

MG prepared a feasibility capital cost estimate for the project in 2014 and detailed engineering was awarded later that year. The project included project management, detailed design, technical specifications for price inquiries, project scheduling and field inspections.